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Babylon A.D. was always one of my favourite bands from the late 80’s / early 90’s. They were a band that had the songs and the talents to put so many much bigger bands in their wake. Their first two albums the self-titled release from 1989 and ‘Nothing Sacred’ from 1992 have been albums that have stayed with me since they were released and both are full of real quality and more than their fair share of songs you’ll never forget.

I’m such a fan of the band that before their latter-day reformation I managed to track down both Derek and Ron. Derek when (along with Jamey) he had his ‘American Blues Box’ project running, and again around the time of his first solo release ‘Re-Volt’ in 2012, and Ron when he had just formed ‘Syrym’ with vocalist Jeffrey Winslow. Of course one of the questions I had to ask them both was “when are you getting the guys back together again?”

When the band finally reformed with all the original recording members on board in 2014 to release four song EP ‘Lost Sessions / Fresno, CA 93’ I hoped like many fans that this would be the start of something. The band started to play more shows, added a few festivals and the word grew – this was an insanely good live band. I finally caught up with them ‘live’ again for the first time since they played their one and only UK date (back in the mists of time)  in 2015 on the Monsters of Rock Cruise. The band had just released their ‘LIVE@XXV‘ record to celebrate their 25 years of recording and by then I knew there was going to be a new album… More

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