In The Beginning, Persuaders Recordings 8688



  1. I'm No Good for You
  2. Back Street Girl
  3. Tears
  4. Don't Ask Questions
  5. Do You Want It
  6. Just Another Face
  7. She Likes to Give It
  8. Too Much Too Young
  9. When I'm Gone
  10. Hear My Heartbeat
  11. Bad Mistake
  12. Last Time for Love

Babylon A.D., In The Beginning, Persuaders Recordings 8688

Album Reviews

Just about every rock band takes some time when it first gets together, as the bandmembers find their footing and begins to develop a group sound. The 2006 release In the Beginning provides this early documentation for '80s hair metallists Babylon A.D. And as evidenced by the 12 ditties here, the group had largely found its sound from the get-go -- which was a hybrid of such then-thriving pop metallists as Kix, Poison, and Winger. None of these tracks made it to the group's 1989 self-titled debut, but quite a few certainly could have, including the album-opening "I'm No Good for You" as well as "Back Street Girl" and "Don't Ask Questions." While newcomers to Babylon A.D. are better off starting with one of their studio albums (preferably the aforementioned self-titled debut), longtime fans looking to trace the group's baby steps should get a kick out of In the Beginning.
Review by Greg Prato