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Babylon A.D. is a band that I personally dig one hell of a lot. I was very pleased with the news of the band cranking tunes again and offering us fans a new album.

After a bit of an absence, the band offer us ‘American Blitzkrieg’. This is the first album the band has written where they have had total control over the creative process. So how does the band sound being in control?? Well, it kicks!!

The first track rolls in with heavy fashion and mixes in the classic tune ‘War’ about mid-way. Very cool sounding mix here. The album cruises along with great consistency with tunes like ‘Magic Mary’, ‘I wana live’ and one of my personal favs ‘Sinking in the sand’. The slowdown in tempo comes with ‘The Sky’s Falling’. A Babylon A.D. album wouldn’t be complete with a slower temp tune like this. It does sustain the feel of tunes in the same style of previous efforts.

The album picks up with one of the heaviest, crunchiest, kick your teeth in tunes in ‘The Unreal’. This is the winner of song of the album. Makes the neck hurt… Read More

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