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During the late 1980’s in America, Hard Rock ruled the airwaves in all capacities. Bands were going multi-platinum in sales, charting with singles and albums, and bringing their brand of entertainment to arena audiences at a fairly consistent clip. BABYLON A.D. were one of those bands that back in the day received modest video play on MTV during the Headbangers’ Ball era, and I found their two full lengths to be a great synthesis of melodic hard rock and AOR-style music.

Newly reuniting for a comeback, the band felt it was a good idea to release this 4 song EP“Lost Sessions” that was originally recorded in 1993 when the band was hoping to gain a new record deal. As those who lived in that time period remember, anything associated with glam, hard rock, and metal in the United States could be ostracized, as the Seattle alternative scene took over and bands like NIRVANA, PEARL JAM, SOUNDGARDEN, and ALICE IN CHAINS dominated the public spotlight.

One thought on “Babylon A.D. – Lost Sessions

  1. Take a ride back to 1993 with this amazing EP from Babylon A.D. You will forget there ever was a Nirvana! Grunge Sucks

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