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Babylon A.D. is one of the few metal bands from the late 80’s to be operating with all its original members. They are celebrating their 30th anniversary with the release of their new album Revelation Highway. Their self-titled debut album released in 1989 spawned three #1 classic songs on metal radio “Bang Go The Bells“, “Hammer Swings Down” and “The Kid Goes Wild“. They also had several MTV videos and with the bands constant touring they were a favorite among metal fans.

Revelation Highway opens with “Crash and Burn” which has a very classic 80’s metal sound to it. In fact this album could have been released in the late 80’s and would have fit right in with the top bands of the day. Derek Davis with his power vocals and a whole lot of guitar riffs and solos provided by Ron Freschi and John Mathews.

The second song also grabbed me, “Fool On Fire” which has a great chorus and Davis’ voice is really in great form. You hear a little raspy blues quality in his vocals if you listen closely. Once again we are treated to some great guitar work throughout the whole song… MORE

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