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From one person’s bucket list to another. This is the band I had been waiting to see for years and as the stage lights dimmed, this was it. Babylon A.D., a band I’d gotten into on the back of their début album back in 1989. The first three tracks that open the album, ‘Bang go The Bells’, ‘Hammer Swings Down’ and ‘Caught Up In The Crossfire’ just did it for me and from that moment I was hooked. The future looked very bright indeed for the band when follow up album ‘Nothing Sacred‘ came out, containing stand out tracks like ‘So Savage The Heart’ and ‘Redemption’ but then a ten year gap ensued before ‘American Blitzkrieg’ came out which moved the band firmly away from their original sound and fared less well. A break, a reformation (see the pattern here ?) and 2014 once again finds the band fired up and on stage for the first time ever in the UK.

So has the wait been worthwhile? Absolutely!! Opening with ‘Back In Babylon‘, very fitting given the time we’have had to wait to see them live, they then proceed to spend the next hour re-energising a crowd who had spent the last 2 hours slowly slipping into a sugar and saccharin induced coma. The energy flowing from the band is immense… Read More

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