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Author’s Note: This is the first of a planned series of Hubs in which I will shine a light on some of my favoriteForgotten Hard Rock Albums which may not be well known to most music fans, but that I feel are still worth investigating. My intention with these Hubs will be to (hopefully) introduce curious newcomers to some cool bands/albums they might have missed years ago, and also bring back memories to fans who are already familiar with them. Thanks for reading, and rock on!

Babylon A.D.
BABYLON A.D. (Arista Records, 1989)

I discovered Babylon A.D. quite by accident on a chilly night in Brooklyn, New York, in the Fall of 1989. My friends and I had gone to the borough’s legendary rock club “L’amour” that evening to check out the New York City debut concert by the Sea Hags, a highly hyped sleaze-rock band from San Francisco who some folks were predicting would be “the next Guns N’ Roses.” We were skeptical that any band would be able to live up to that kind of hype, especially after an unknown quintet called Babylon A.D. – who weren’t even listed on the bill when we arrived at the club – came onstage to start off the evening and quickly stole the show from the headliners. After a blistering, all too short set by these newcomers, the Sea Hags were ultimately quite disappointing — we actually walked out only a few songs into their set!… Read More

One thought on “Forgotten Hard Rock Albums: BABYLON A.D. (1989)

  1. I remember the first time I heard this album. It was a very chilly night in Demopolis, AL and I was hosting a party at my house. When Bang go the Bells starting playing, everybody in the room stopped talking and gathered around the stereo. After the second time playing through, everybody had already picked out their favorite song. It still gets played on high rotation around here.

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