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Personally, when I hear the name of BABYLON A.D. the first thing that comes into my mind is the first two records of this U.S. Hard Rock band. And, to be honest with you here, I love the band’s second release “Nothing Sacred” which released back in 1992. That was, and still is, a damn fine piece of pure U.S Hair Metal stuff that combined perfectly the classic U.S. Hard Rock sound with a punchier, ala Skid Row, approach that made this album one of my all time favorite discs ever!

After that, I lost interest till’ now that I have the promo album of these rockers in my hands to review it for Heavy Paradise.

The song that opens this new Babylon A.D. opus is called “Crash And Burn” and the first thing that I have to say is a big whoa!!!! This song rocks and it rocks big time! “Crash And Burn” brings back the big sound of “Nothing Sacred” full force! Derek Davis‘ vocals are top notch, the guitars are edgy, heavy and ‘fat’ and overall this song is a hymn for the Hair Metal freaks like me. The groovier “Fool On Fire” rocks good while in “One Million Miles” the band delivers a more commercial straight forward rock song… More

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