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Hard rockers Babylon A.D. have finally returned and have a monster release coming out in early November called Revelation Highway on Frontiers Records. Babylon A.D. were one of those bands that unfortunately were swallowed up in the days of grunge and faded away like many bands did. A hard rock fan’s favorite once long ago, Babylon A.D. actually returned to the fold in 2014 and played several dates in the US as well as the Firefest Festival in Nottingham, England to a packed house and a very warm reception. They have also played some dates this year in their home state of California and over in Europe. Now to celebrate their 30th year together, the band, which has all its original members still, will release their fourth studio album. Lead singer Derek Davis, who also produced this album, sounds incredible too. “Tears,” track four, is an absolute kick ass melodic rocker that will blow you away. And it doesn’t stop there. “Saturday Night” is 1990 all over again with a 2017 flare mixed in. The double guitar work of Ron Freschi and John Mathews is meticulously precise and good… MORE

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