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The Tom Q&A is actually quite good too even if Riki Rachman does hog the questions for himself initially. It’s out on the deck though where Frank Hannon and friends really hit the high notes on the high seas (I tried to stop writing that) – it’s great to see Tesla’s guitarist in full flight joined on stage for some real rock standards by the guys from Nightranger and the ever present Dave Meniketti! Seeing them lay down some Hendrix and a little Aerosmith had to be one of the absolute highlights of the Cruise.

As a complete contrast Honeymoon Suite in the Theatre a band we’ve been pestered to watch in the build up to the event are rather disappointing and lacklustre. The same can’t be said for the Winery Dogs whose second set in the Theatre is even better than their previous outing on the pool stage. They are quickly topped though by one of our absolute picks of the Cruise along with Tyketto – when Babylon A.D. take to the Atrium Stage to reprise their midnight performance from day one they look born to it – it’s almost like witnessing a world that might have and should have been. They put on a show that doesn’t dip or falter at any stage and the sheer strength of the material is awesome. If you haven’t seen these guys live they are an absolute must and one of the bands you can physically see turning heads and making new fans. For a long-time fan like me to finally see them it’s actually far more than I dared hope for – as well as the better known rockers “Bang Go the Bells” and “Kid Goes Wild”, slow numbers like “Desperate” still can stop a room and “Shot ‘O’ Love” is still one of my favourite songs from the whole of eighties rock…. More

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