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Babyon A.D. didn’t reach the stardom of bands like Guns n Roses and Motley Crue, but they certainly took the hair metal world by storm with their debut self-titled album and over time singer Derek Davis has proven to be as talented as almost any singer from the era. Babylon had two albums go Gold and they released five songs that topped many metal radio charts.

The band is most known for their popular 1989 debut album which featured the rock hits Bang Goes The Bell, the amazing ballad Desperate and the radio friendly The Kid Goes Wild, which was featured in the movie Robo-Cop 2. The band released Nothing Sacred in 1992, the album produced two more hits – Bad Blood and So Savage the Heart… Read More.

2 thoughts on “Derek Davis of Babylon A.D. – One of Hair Metal’s Best Voices. Exclusive Interview!

    1. It does sound great on that song, but something about Shot O’ Love and Caught up in the Crossfire are special to me!!

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