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Live at XXV – Underrated Classic Hard Rockers Babylon A.D. Celebrate 25 Years of Rock and Roll with a New Live Album!

It is a shame how many groups out there, over the years, have never gotten the proper recognition despite having endless amounts of talent. Hailing from the San Francisco area, Babylon AD was one such band. Fronted by Derek Davis, the band is one that had a classic hard rock sound all their own, and the fact that they did not fall back on a shocking, glam-flavored image to gain attention was a major plus as well. Any fan will be quick to tell you that their 1989 self-titled debut ranks amongst the best albums of the genre. Classic cuts like “The Kid Goes Wild”, “Hammer Swings Down”, “Bang Go the Bells”, and “Desperate,” all from this debut record, remain some of the best classic hard rock tracks out there, even if they did not get the recognition that many of their peers achieved; “The Kid Goes Wild” was even featured in the second RoboCop film! There were some modest hits off of their second album a few years later, though sadly this was largely a group time forgot despite their obvious talents amidst an ever changing music industry that is often unkind and cruel… More

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